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Framed and glazed panel of Swedish embroidery, size 52" x 23" including frame which is 1" wide. This beautifully subtle embroidery is worked in soft wools and silks, each, flower, leaf, bud, petal or stem is shaded and verrigated with enormous delicacy. Some of the flowers and buds are raised work (padded) and the fine tendrils are worked in chain stitch and back stitch. The majority of the work is long stitch.The pattern of the panel is reminiscent of The Tree of Life, Swedish embroiderers were inspired in the mid 19th by William Morris and started to produce work based on traditional patterns. This panel has been embroidered by a lady named on the back as Johanna Karolina Nennes F Sellman born 1828 and died 1909, this means that it could be any thing from 160 to 120 years old. At this moment the positioning of the hanging strings mean that it hangs vertically but personally I would prefer to see it hung horizontally. It would be very attractive placed above a bed head, for instance. Left in original frame to preserve authenticity of labeling and so purchaser can choose if change is required.

Price £225.00    €253.85    $314.71

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Embroidered Floral Panel Mid C19th Wools & Silk
A 17th or early 18th century Oak 6-plank Chest with 5 faux octagonal panels to the front, curiously not all of the same dimensions giving a lovely, quirky country look. The front and sides of the chest still have a covering of ancient "ox-blood" colour with a good texture to the finish. The interior is divided into 4 with more substantial oak boards, giving the chest a very heavy construction throughout its considerable size. The floor has been damaged by water or damp over the years but is still serviceable. A few new pieces of oak have been used to both strengthen the lid and lift it slightly from the floor. There is an old lock but no key or hasp. Dimensions :- 1700mm x 480mm x 480mm 67" x 19" x 19"

Price £675.00    €761.54    $944.12

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Early Oak 6-plank Chest with faux octagonal panels
A surveyor's level in lacquered and anodised brass by Stanley in original fitted mahogany case with lock and key. Instrument measures 10 inches by 6 inches - we have left this with its original anodised finish but it could of course be polished in order to make a more glitzy display - £100

Price £100    €112.82    $139.87


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Brass Surveying instrument - Stanley level
This is a unique and totally original Edwardian era Opera Cape.The main body is devore velvet, the cut out pattern having a silvery, sparkly effect which depicts exotic Eastern classical patterns of peacock feathers and boteh of varying sizes. The devore square measures 38" x 30" deep, the full square with silk velvet edging measures 50" x 36" deep. The bias cut "hem" is 17" deep. The inside is lined with silky black velvet with a 2 1/4" insert on three sides of gold lame. Self covered buttons fit into velvet loops to form the "sleeves" to the cape. From each arm hangs a heavy gold tassel each measuring 13" in total length. This is the most simplistic of designs but makes up into such an exquisitely elegant item of vintage clothing. The condition is extremely good, no signs of wear at the collar or edges. The cape is of French origin.

Price £950.00    €1071.79    $1328.77

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Exotic Edwardian Black Velvet Opera Cape
We can sadly impart no pearls of wisdom regarding this fantastically quirky set of scales other than to tell you that they are French and were used for weighing cheeses. How old?.......who knows but their looks and construction the early years of the last century at least. Constructed of, mainly, pine with steel and iron fittings the base does have a few of those large typically French woodworm holes but nothing to worry about as they have been soused with the correct fluid. Fully functional - providing you have a set of weights as they come with just a few imperial ones - or an eccentrically decorative conversation piece. Sizewise they work out at about 24 inches high, by 20 inches wide and 41 inches long in case that is an issue.

Price £220    €248.20    $307.71

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Artisan Provincial French Cheese Weighing Scales
A good 19th century French cherry wood table with 3 plank top, tapered legs and single side drawer. Measures just an inch under six foot long at 71 inches by 31 inches across and 30 inches high - legroom should be fine with most chairs as it is 24 inches. A good many of similar tables have had their legs 'tipped' to gain extra height or to get rid of rot at their lower extremities - this table, as you can see has not needed this work and the legs, although showing signs of historic woodworm to the surface in places, are original, sound and sturdy. The drawer is compartmented as they sometimes are and there is a small section of the lower edge missing (as will be seen in the photos). Will seat six very comfortably or eight with a bit of a squeeze. We have pictured this table with a set of circa 1800 English camel back elm chairs which we also have in stock as we think they look rather good together - the chairs are available separately for £620 or if someone would like both table and chairs £1650 for the entire ensemble.

Price £1160    €1308.71    $1622.49

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19th century French Cherry Wood dining table 6ft
A well executed, but unsigned, 19th century oil painting on board of the upper reaches of the River Dart in South Dartmoor, Devon. Overall in good condition with just a little paint loss to extreme lower right but absolutely no flaking. Original gilt frame with some small losses and somewhat scruffy faded grey/blue paper to rear. Measures 54cm by 44 cm overall.

54cm by 44cm

Price £170    €191.79    $237.78

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'Above Holne on the Dart' Victorian oil painting
A particularly handsome mid 19th century French Armoire of classical and restrained proportions in cherry with chestnut side and rear panels. Standing 215 cm high it has an overall width of 140cm with external depth of 59cm and 55cm internally - this allowing plenty of room for clothing on coat hangers. Unrestored and original, with the exception of a later brass rail for hangers, it has the deep warm glow that well polished cherry acquires with age, whilst the chestnut side panels are of a more sombre hue. The are are pair of original drop in shelves to the interior - one of which has to be removed in order to hang clothes. Brass hinges, long brass escutcheon and its lock are original but its key had been mislaid by its last owners (they are still looking and hopefully it will surface). Both cornice and doors are easily removable but the remainder is in one piece. It is structurally sound, stands square on its well formed and substantial feet and what traces of old woodworm that there are was treated long ago and is therefore historic.

140cm wide - 215cm high and 59cm deep

Price £1120    €1263.58    $1566.54

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19th century French Cherry Wood Armoire
An elegant pair of Georgian fire irons in steel and brass. The fretted shovel has an historic riveted strengthening gusset as can be seen in photos. This was likely done at the time that these irons were made or shortly after as they design would have been impossibly weak without - whatever the case the shovel remains structurally sound and completely usable. Price of £160 to include postage to a UK address.

Price £160    €180.51    $223.79

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 elegant pair of georgian fire irons
A diorama of two three masted sailing vessels on a choppy sea contained in a 12 inch high glass flagon having a turned wooden stopper inset with a Guernsey (Channel Isles) 8 doubles coin. This unusial piece of nautical folk art most probably dates from the 1930s so it is likely that the 1834 copper coin was used in centennial fashion - perhaps by a fisherman or sailor of St Peter Port - the likely maker of such a thing? We are not convinced that the wicker work adds to the general appearance but that is how it came to us and we shall leave it just so - thus giving the new owner the option to remove it or not.

Price £95    €107.18    $132.88

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Three masted sailing ships in a bottle 1930s
A superb Victorian Pine Hall Tree / Stand of a very impressive size and really bold sculptural form. The symmetrical 6-branches have the original 3 turned pegs each and its shallow depth makes it easy to accommodate. H 2440mm x W 1100mm x D300mm

Price £485.00    €547.18    $678.37

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Pine Hall Stand / Tree
An attractive and extremely useful mid 19th century tilt top wine or occasional table in mahogany. Standing 28 inches high its nicely figured 24 inch diameter top and robust base makes it rather more useful than similar table of more petite dimensions. The tilting facility is fully operational and retains its original snap catch thus allowing it to put to one side when not in use if desired.

Price £225    €253.85    $314.71

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Circular tilt top mahogany wine / occasional table