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This is a magnificent example of Plushwork from the mid 19th Century. Plushwork was one of the most popular embroidery techniques of the time, very closely related to Berlin woolwork. It is a way of introducing a three dimensional effect into any canvas work embroidery.Special plush wools were used in a loop stitch which, when cut and brushed up made the final effect like velvet. Exotic birds are often the theme of the embroidery and this one has been made into a cushion with original cotton backing in a botanical pattern. The expertise needed to grade the colours and the precise cutting needed to bring the whole effect into play can be recognised in this piece of Victorian embroidery. The plushwork of the cushion is in great order, the bead work at the base of the bird is a little loose. The background of beige stitching is slightly marked is places, but it is the plushwork that is so highly collectible.

18" x 18" x aprox 3" thickness of pad inside.

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Mid 19th Century Plushwork Peacock Cushion
This is a panel of pale peach satin embroidered in silver thread of Turkish origin. The panel incorporates the skirt front, bodice front, collar and cuffs for an exotic early Victorian gown. This would be perfect to be used today as part of a wonderful Wedding Dress. the material is in good order with just a tiny mark and a half inch tear between a cuff and the skirt panel in the top right hand corner. This work was very popular in both America and England during Victoria's reign, though this would have been acquired pre Albert's death and never used.

42" x 20"

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 Exotic Silver Thread Embroidered Dress Panels
A panel of red satin edged all round with Turkish embroidery ready for framing or for use as an exotic decoration placed on top of a chest of drawers or used as a table centre. This is a beautiful, unmarked and undamaged piece of antique silver thread embroidery. This type of embroidery was very popular in both America and England during the 1880s, based on Turkish designs of stylised plants and foliage. The Turks had access to the best silks, threads, fabrics and metal threads. At that time is was considered suitable decoration for furniture covers, sheets, picture frames, tidies and piano furniture. Dimensions are 42" x 24".

42" 20"

Price £125.00    €140.64    $158.76

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Turkish Embroidered Panel Silver Thread  Red Satin
A pair of large Sofa Cushions (24" x24") made with contemporary fabric but with hard to find vintage French tassels/braid. These have been made on a 1930s Singer sewing machine with the braid sewn on by hand. There are 22" zips to give easy access to the feather pads. These will make a great centre piece for your living room, enhance the comfort of your sofa or add atmosphere to a cosy bedroom. The darker colours might alternatively be quite appropriate for a gentleman's study or retreat.

Price £130.00    €146.26    $165.11

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Pair of Harlequin Patterned Sofa Cushions 24"x 24"
Dreamlike, quirky semi surrealist water colour 'Figures in a Mediterranean Garden' by Peter Heaton. During his career the artist worked in a number of styles but latterly gravitated towards subjects of this nature - this one executed in 1989 and signed thus. First exhibited and sold by Lucy.B.Campbell fine Art of 123 Kensington Church Street, London W8. Retains its original striking broad black frame and is also glazed and ready to hang. Overall dimensions 22 by 27 inches - image 13 by 18 inches.

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Figures in a Mediterranean Garden - surrealist
Classically dimensioned oak chest of drawers from the reign of King George II - a little unusual in that it was one of those made in two parts for transportation and accessing awkward areas. With absolutely not a trace of woodworm and retaining its original locks and brasses, as well as locating irons, a piece such as this and of these proportions is a rare thing to come across. Now nearing the end of its third century of existence it has one or two minor historic repairs and a (candle?) burn to its top but is one hiundred percent sound and stands firm and solid. It is a little under 36 inches wide, by 37 inches high and just under 19 inches deep by the way.l

Price £645    €725.69    $819.21

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c1750 English oak chest of drawers - two piece
A set of six good quality mahogany balloon back chairs in overall excellent condition . There is some very slight movement on the rear joint (seat to back ) on two of the chairs, but it is so slight to be of no consequence.

Price £485.00    €545.67    $616.00

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Dining chairs
Original British quad poster for the 1985 film Pale Rider. Unusual in that it has never been folded - absolutely no rips, tears or paper loss - professionally framed and glazed - NB - some wrinkling but would flatten £200

Price £200    €225.02    $254.02

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Pale Rider - Clint Eastwood - quad poster 1985
Late 18th / early 19th century Scandinavian Painted Pine floor standing Corner Cupboard. The top board is a piece of solid Elm as the original top cupboard has gone (Divorce?) The paintwork has a lovely old textured appearance and is all original and untouched. Max dimensions : - Width 900mm x Depth 510mm x Height 880mm

Price £325.00    €365.66    $412.78

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Original Paint Scandinavian Corner Cupboard Base
Originally one of a pair of very early Victorian curtain tie backs to which a rather whimsical tale is attached... in that a young couple who fell on hard times and lost their beautiful and grand house took just two curtain accoutrements when they had to leave it. Now destitute he sought to reinstate their fortunes by working his passage on a ship to America heading for the Californian gold fields whilst she stayed in England went into service and their two young children were cared for by relations. As a symbol of their love, a memory of better times and their former happiness each kept one with the avowed intention of re-uniting them and the family: but he never returned. A true tale or figment of someone's imagination...who knows? Be that as it may this stylish piece of Victoriana, which lost its partner so many years ago is a highly decorative conversation piece. Its diamond patent or registered design mark dates from the latter part of 1841. Its size? 9.5 inches long. Price includes postage to any UK address.

Price £180    €202.52    $228.62

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The lonely hand of the 1840s
This wonderfully whimsical late 19th century perambulator has only recently been retrieved from many years of storage and is thus in untouched and unrestored state: but at the same time quite sound and devoid of rot or worm. If you like your transportation or other antiques. Most likely French and from the last quarter of the 19th century. Construction is partially of wood with woven double wire work and brass fittings - the latter characterfully verdigrised whilst the finish, fabrics and interior are all original - if distressed. Unrepeatable.

Price £410    €461.29    $520.74

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c1880 Promenade Perambulator - Baby carriage
a large ship's deck head compass in heavy bronze case complete with gimbal by Lillie and Gillie of North Shields.Measures 13 inches overall (compass 10 inches in diameter)

Price £235    €264.40    $298.47

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Ship's deck head compass by Lilley & Gillie