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Elegant mahogany pedestal sofa or occasional table of small proportions with two drawers and brass swan neck handles. 32 inches high. 20 inches deep by 33 inches folded or 20 inches by 51 inches with flaps up.

Price £265    €297.12    $332.28

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Small mahogany pedestal occasional or sofa table
Beaded and imitation 'tortoiseshell' evening bag. Difficult to date with absolute certainty but definitely prewar and most probably from late 1920s-early 1930s. This example is unusual in that it has obviously seen little use and remains in almost pristine condition both inside and out. The only blemish being slight bead loss on one fringe loop (visible in photo). Less sparkly than the majority of these bags its muted colours, if intended to be used, would harmonise with many outfits.

Price £65    €72.88    $81.50

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Beaded evening bag 1920s - 30s
Midwinter PORTOBELLO (shape) "Countryside" coffee set. Comprising coffee pot, sugar basin, creamer, milk jug, ten cups and ten saucers – plus one cup and two spare saucers. Designed by John Russell and in production from in 1966 to 1972. Transfer patterns of seeds and leaves in shades of brown. Excellent vintage condition – with just a small hairline crack to side of milk jug and very slight crazing of interior of sugar basin. W. R. Midwinter Ltd. was founded in 1910, becoming one of the largest potteries in England by the 1930's, with over 700 employees. However, it was in the post-War period under the direction of the founder's son, Roy Midwinter that they became one of the leading innovators in the design and production of kitchen and table ware, with the work of noted designers and ceramicists like Jessie Tait, John Russell, Terence Conran, Hugh Casson and Peter Stott.

Price £115    €128.94    $144.20

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Vintage (1960s) Midwinter coffee set.
A well painted Watercolour of "Whitby The White Yacht" inscribed to reverse FA Pickering 1914 It would benefit from a re-mount and framing

Price £75.00    €84.09    $94.04

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Watercolour FA Pickering, Whitby "The White Yacht"
A delightful and really quite comfortable Windsor scroll back and with maker's 'signature' too. We've gone through Cotton's book on regional chairs but there isn't one like this on any of its 500 or so pages so consider it an unusual design. Some other dealers, one in particular that comes to mind, would treat you to a load of blather about it 'surviving from the zenith of the mid victorian period' - refer to it as 'she' and then list its defects as the icing on the cake of decrepitude before hitting you with a price that would leave any sane connoisseur of the antique reeling in disbelief. We on the other hand won't insult you. It is old - it shows signs of old repairs, knocks, scrapes and abrasions - it is however eminently useable (but not if you are too broad in the beam) - it is £195

Price £195    €218.63    $244.51

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Windsor scroll back arm chair circa 1850
A US one sheet (27 by 41 inch) poster for the 1983 re-release of Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 classic starring Grace Kelly and James Stewart. This poster is over 30 years old and is in excellent condition with just regular mailing folds (nb - diagonal stripes are merely sunlight reflections) We also have these other Hitchcock film posters - Topaz (1969 - Spanish lang one sheet) - £30 Under Capricorn (1949 - US one sheet) - £300 Torn Curtain (1969 - Spanish lang one sheet) - £40 The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956-1983rr US oner sheet) - £40 Family Plot ( 1976 - Spanish lang one sheet) - £40 Marnie (1964 - Spanish lang one sheet - trimmed) - £60 All prices include insured postage to a UK address and photos of additional posters can be emailed upon request

Price £40    €44.85    $50.16

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Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' movie poster
An Edwardian Glazed Mahogany Bookcase of quite small proportions with astragal glazing and adjustable shelves to top section. Warm Mahogany colour and good overall condition. H1930mm x W1000mm x D400mm. Base Ht 870mm

Price £275.00    €308.33    $344.82

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Mahogany Glazed Bookcase
US one sheet (27 by 41 inch) poster for the 1951 movie Westward the Women. This is a re-release poster printed circa 1960 but even so is well over 50 years old and for just £35 (including insured postage to your address) would enhance the wall of your bachelor pad, warehouse apartment, garage, cafe, restaurant or almost any place with wall space enough. A talking point too perhaps with chauvinistic interpretations possible - hedonistic male city types transporting truckloads of the fairer sex down to their 'grand design' waterside second homes situated here in the West Country that's too silly - anyway here's a genuinely old advertising poster for a lot less than the price of a good bottle of champagne. NB - Like virtually all genuine vintage cinema posters this has mailing folds, marks and or signs of wear accrued during its display in various cinemas - it is not a pristine, mint reproduction but a genuinely old patinated artifact. The degree of wear and overall condition obvious varies from poster to poster and if you would like an exact condition report on this particular one please do ask.

Price £35    €39.24    $43.89

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Westward the Women vintage cowboy poster
Square shawl, 97cms x 97 cms, aprox 1860. Very pretty small French shawl covered in botehs, both large and small and also leaf designs. Maroon, teal, green, orange, black and white, all the colours shown in the intricately woven tasselled borders. There are thin patches on this shawl but in all cases there are still either warp or weft threads left. A very pretty piece for decorating/framing/hanging.

97 cms x 97cms

Price £55.00    €61.67    $68.96

priced in relation to wear.

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Paisley Shawl
Original 175 year old hand coloured print (published by S. Turrell in November 1840). Depicts the interior of the large vine house at Hampton Court and the vine that was planted in 1768 which, by 1840, covered an area of 2,200 square feet. Size of print about 10 by 8 inches - complete with window mount and frame about 14 by 17 inches. Slight foxing evident but colours good.

Price £60    €67.27    $75.23

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Hampton Court Grape Vines 1840 coloured print
A Teak Carriage Box with original brown paint, of long, thin shape and tapered vertically. There are two holes to allow the box to be bolted down in the floor but the hasp to the front is now missing. Being made of teak it is surprisingly heavy and robust. Original and good quality brass hinges. W 1000mm x D 350mm x H 240mm

Price £185.00    €207.42    $231.97

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Teak Carriage Box
An Antique Pine 'Knock-down' Wardrobe of continental origins and superb quality. Two large doors with drawers under provide loads of storage and its knock-down construction means it will go up any staircase! It has plenty of depth for coat hangers inside and a rail is fitted. 1600mmW x 2010mmH x 600mmD

Price £925.00    €1037.11    $1159.86

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Pine 'Knock-down' Wardrobe