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A single mahogany Georgian chair of exceptional quality with drop in seat. Separated from its twins many years ago it has more recently served as part of a harlequin set and at the head of the table as befits its undoubted status. A truly lovely piece from an age of craftsmanship that is but a distant memory and one which will give its new owner much pleasure as a well as a subject for conversation as to how long its like would take to make (providing could fine the person do it) and what the cost would be - let alone sourcing the correct timber.

Price £240    €272.59    $319.75

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A single Georgian mahogany chair
These mahogany framed Victorian arm chairs were re-upholstered in dusky taupe velvet some years ago to go together in the study of a Dartmoor home. Although in no way a matched pair they compliment each other well and have a mellow, inviting, lived in look that has come about with use. Ready to be welcomed into your house and join the rest of the period furnishings where they will harmonise well with various colour schemes. We'd prefer them to remain together at £575 or would sell separately for £300 each.

Price £575    €653.09    $766.07

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Victorian button back arm chairs
Classic 1950's chair designed by Harry Bertoia and made by Knoll Furniture co. The chair is in good condition complete with its original black leather seat pad. There is some wear under the "legs" where the coating is worn through.

Price £160.00    €181.73    $213.17

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Harry Bertoia Chair 1950's
A pair a very good quality Victorian salon chairs in mahogany with elegantly formed cabriole legs and backs. All frames and joints are sound as a bell with absolutely no signs of ricketiness. They are however sold for restoration so that their aged fabric coverings can be replaced in something of the purchasers choice.....unless, that is, their present look fits in with an existing or desired decor as they are perfectly usable just as they are.

Price £150    €170.37    $199.85

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Pair of good quality C19th mahogany salon chairs
A good quality High-backed Wing Armchair of generous proportions and high camel back. The legs and stretchers are well turned/carved and of great colour. The chair would benefit from being recovered to your personal taste but is in very good condition. 47" high x approx 33" x 33" "footprint"

Price £895    €1016.54    $1192.41

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Walnut High-back Wing Armchair
This very closely matching set of six late 18th century chairs have lived together for very many years, possibly since they were new, but certainly since they were bought in 1991 from an antique shop in Kent. Enjoyed for very nearly a quarter of a century the owners, who incidentally paid £1800 for them, only parted with them upon moving abroad. Due to present fads, such as the ridiculous 'shabby chic' and sterile 'industrial look', genuinely old and scarce furniture of this ilk has fallen from favour amongst those more concerned with fashion than much else so for the rest of us opportunities have arisen. Despite a few old repairs and, in one chair, some long ago dispelled woodworm these beautiful chairs, that have for over 200 years seated generations of diners, should give many years service and much pleasure to their new owners - especially at £725. (three seats were re-rushed not too long ago whilst the remainder are soldiering happily on - see one photo for comparison)

Price £765    €868.89    $1019.21

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6 late 18th century Lancashire spindleback chairs
A delightful and really quite comfortable Windsor scroll back and with maker's 'signature' too. We've gone through Cotton's book on regional chairs but there isn't one like this on any of its 500 or so pages so consider it an unusual design. Some other dealers, one in particular that comes to mind, would treat you to a load of blather about it 'surviving from the zenith of the mid victorian period' - refer to it as 'she' and then list its defects as the icing on the cake of decrepitude before hitting you with a price that would leave any sane connoisseur of the antique reeling in disbelief. We on the other hand won't insult you. It is old - it shows signs of old repairs, knocks, scrapes and abrasions - it is however eminently useable (but not if you are too broad in the beam) - it is £195

Price £195    €221.48    $259.80

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Windsor scroll back arm chair circa 1850
A good example of a small Victorian Gothic chair. Distance Selling Regulations All items purchased from Cullompton Antiques are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations which give the buyers the right to cancel the purchase within 7 days after receipt of the item , for a full refund less RETURN transport costs

54cmsx 41cms x102cms approx

Price £195.00    €221.48    $259.80

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A good example of a small Victorian Gothic chair.
A fine pair of Arts and Crafts upholstered armchairs in satinwood. They have been very recently re-upholstered in a navy blue cloth with a very fine white pinstripe running through. These are sizeable chairs, and quite stunning-looking. All items purchased from Cullompton Antiques are covered by the Distance Selling Regulations which give the buyers the right to cancel the purchase within 7 days after receipt of the item , for a full refund less RETURN transport costs .

70cms wide x63 cms deep x116 cms tall

Price £275.00    €312.35    $366.38

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Stylish pair of Arts and Crafts armchairs
A walnut framed nursing chair covered in a more recent fabric which is in good condition but has been in sunlight. The spoon back now has excess movement on the right-hand side, although it remains comfortable, with the springing all in good order. I think some one very heavy has sat on it in the showroom amd has tilted backwards !

Price £55.00    €62.47    $73.28

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Nursing  Chair
A wide oak throne-style chair which has undergone considerable restoration - although well done - hence the price.

61cms x47cms x115cms approx

Price £325.00    €369.14    $433.00

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Oak 'Throne' Arm Chair
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