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An oak bureau of compact dimensions from the second quarter of the eighteenth century with well containing three secret drawers and other compartments - also two more secret compartments to the rear of the drawers below the pigeon holes (possibly any or all a safer hiding place for your collection of Rolex watches or other valuables than a home safe?). Just 36 inches wide by 20 inches deep and 40 inches high this dear old care worn piece is totally worm and rot free as well as being structurally solid and has its original drawer bottoms with grain running fore and aft as well as its original back boards - it has understandably had repairs and alterations at various stages of its 275 odd years - notably replacement bracket feet, replacement handles and some small spliced in sections. All these were done years ago however and some would say add to its undeniable character.....of little import but perhaps of interest we found an old sale ticket in one of the drawers from years back when it was being offered for £775......since then inflation has been on a massive scale but due to the perversity of today's market it can be yours for about one £ for every year of its life.

Price £285    €316.75    $375.20

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mid 18th C oak bureau with well and 'secrets'
Secretaire Bookcase from the latter part of George III's reign in attractively faded mahogany and standing upon its original bracket feet. Adjustable shelves to upper portion. Drawers lined with publishers' flyers: including one for G. W. Anderson's now rather valuable book relating the voyages of Captain Cook, which was published by Alex Hogg in 1786 - thus these linings were very likely pasted in when this piece was in its first bloom of youth, over 200 years ago. Unlike some similar secretaires, which tend towards the ungainly, this one is of trim dimensions with a width of just 45 inches, a depth (to the base) of 21 inches and a height of 84 inches.

Price £1100    €1222.54    $1448.15

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George III Secretaire Bookcase
Well proportioned mahogany and mahogany veneered kneehole desk with original arts and crafts style brass drop handles. Although the old finish has darkened with age we decided to leave well alone rather than strip and refinish thus retaining its lived in look and keeping the price down. Hence there are some imperfections, one or two insignificant veneer losses and a missing lock. That said it stands on its original bun feet with concealed brass and ceramic castors, the drawers operate well and the dark green leather is eminently presentable. Vital statistics are 4ft wide, 26 1/2 inches deep and 30 1/2 inches high - also it is in three parts for ease of transportation.

Price £385    €427.89    $506.85

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Mahogany kneehole desk
Mid 18th century mahogany bureau that I purchased from the Countess of Arran, present incumbent of Castle Hill, some 25 years ago when the family were having a 'spring clean' of the stable block and attics. Possibly estate made (due to some features including drawer linings of beech) this bureau likely lived all its life in this grand North Devon mansion and if this is indeed the case would be a survivor of the fire of 1934 which destroyed a good part of the building. Probably demoted to lesser rooms or even servants quarters at some time it certainly shows its age being 'battered but unbowed' with a good proportions and a particularly attractive interior fit up. Kept for myself with the intention of carrying out sympathetic restoration but now redundant due to a secretare bookcase taking its intended place it awaits an appreciative owner - perhaps from North Devon with this piece's historic links to that part of the world. All brasses are the originals (one is missing and will have to be replicated), the hideous later bottom plinth cum brackets must be cast aside and replaced with ogee or appropriate bracket feet and various damage made good. Within one of the small compartments was Countess Fortescue's ivory Red Cross fob engraved with her name from circa WW1 and this will go to the purchaser (providing the full price is paid for the bureau) along with written provenance if so desired. It is some 40 inches wide and high with a depth of just over 21 inches.

Price £345    €383.43    $454.19

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C18th bureau from Castle Hill Fortescue estate
We hope you will agree that this roll top desk is a little out of the ordinary and at the same time rather an attractive example. Very often roll tops are cumbersome looking affairs but this one is, we feel, rather more a piece of furniture than a utilitarian, albeit old, 'lump'. Features such as its eight turned feet, instead of a boring old plinth. Original sunflower design brass handles, instead of those stolid wooden affairs fitted to 99% of roll tops and a relief work central drawer set it truly apart from the norm. It is border collie friendly too as you can see (other canines as well) but that may not be an issue with possible purchasers. It also has an interesting provenance in that we acquired from the family of what is acknowledged to be the longest running business in England. Established in the West Country during the reign of the notorious Henry VIII not 30 miles, as the crow flies, from us here. Manufactured by Angus, it still has its original lock but the key is long gone. Security was obviously not an issue with its owners as the device that automatically locks the drawers when the roll top is closed has been demobilised - sensibly we would say as these can stick with very inconvenient consequences. Cosmetically it is pretty good and totally worm free but there are some dinks ands donks from its 100 or so years of use - you can clearly see some of these in one photo, above the central drawer, on the carved frieze that runs around its waistline. All that said this is an unusual and handsome piece of furniture with history and at least one member of the family will be sorry to see it go to its new owner - a portion of the £585 that we need for it will have to be spent on dog treats to appease her over the loss of her hidey hole. Whooops! - nearly forgot to give its essential dimensions. 44 inches wide 26 inches deep 36 inches high

44 inches wide 26 inches deep 36 inches high

Price £585    €650.17    $770.15

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 Roll Top Desk-unusual with original brass handles
Mahogany bureau


Price £580    €644.61    $763.57

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