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An elegant pair of Georgian fire irons in steel and brass. The fretted shovel has an historic riveted strengthening gusset as can be seen in photos. This was likely done at the time that these irons were made or shortly after as they design would have been impossibly weak without - whatever the case the shovel remains structurally sound and completely usable. Price of £160 to include postage to a UK address.

Price £160    €184.11    $209.17


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 elegant pair of georgian fire irons
Late 19th century Arts and Crafts period andirons of wrought iron and cast brass. Andirons such as these were current in the 17th century and were one of the many earlier designs that were influential upon the Arts and Crafts movement. Even by the late 19th century surviving examples were scarce and hard to obtain so artisans who worked within the Arts and Crafts movement made modern day equivalents. These in turn are now almost impossible to find and rarely come on the market so we doubt you will come across another pair (for sale) - especially at this price.

Price £485    €558.09    $634.04

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Pair of Arts and Crafts andirons - fire dogs