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An early bed warming pan with engraved, pierced, and repousse ornamented overhanging lid over pan both in brass. Handle and pan frame is of wrought iron, the latter with with brass turning and finial. Overall length is 40 inches and the lid is 13 inches in diameter. Plentiful evidence of continuous use over many years and associated period repairs but without brittleness and subsequent cracking ('brass disease'). We would date it to the latter part of the 17th century but it could be early 18th and is most probably of English origin. Bed pans of this age are rare and are not to be confused with the copper 'country teashop' variety!

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 17th or possibly early 18th century, warming pan
Set of six pewter plates - a little over 9 inches in diameter and all with matching London touch marks but of varying legibility. There are also two substantial chargers. One is about 18 inches in diameter and the other about 15. Neither have marks and both in poor condition - the larger with some corroded holes and denting, the smaller with circumferential splitting. All came from the same mid-Devon farmhouse and

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Set of six pewter plates - London touch marks -
Found in an outhouse of a mid-Devon farm where they used to make cider from their own small orchard this small press was made in neighbouring Cornwall by Carne & son of St Keyne, near Liskeard. (Carnes were in business as Agricultural Engineers and Blacksmiths in St Keyne until 1921). Although unused for many years its mechanism still operates smoothly but most probably its future role will be decorative rather than practical. Its wooden components are of elm with pitch pine underparts. The elm has evidence of some historic woodworm but to make sure they are truly so we have anointed it with suitable fluids. Its height varies according to whether it is screwed up or down but is roughly 3 feet. NB - in the fourth photo we have shown the various associated paraphernalia that came with the press - wooden container, wooden plate, muslin etc. They must have been used in the past for extracting the juice from some variety of fruit but are relatively flimsy and in our opinion not in any way suitable for pressing apples - or even decorative come to that. They will however remain with the press but if the new owner wished to put it to work once again a suitable robust receptacle to contain the apples would have to be sourced or fabricated.

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Small Cider Press or Fruit Press
A particularly large 19th century brass cauldron or jam pan with a diameter of 14 inches and a height of just under 8. In good condition (without the burnt thin base that so many of these have) and ready for your jam making, plant display or prop for an amateur (or professional) production of Macbeth.

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Large brass cauldron or jam pan
Four old French pewter measures - 1/2 litre, 1/2 litre, 2 deciliter and 1 decilitre. All have maker's marks. As we are by no means experts or even knowledgable on continental pewter and AA stipulate a date we have assigned a notional period of date of 1925 to 40 - they may be older (which we doubt, or younger.

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French Pewter Measures