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The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games had been handed to Berlin before the Nazis came to power but now it was the perfect opportunity for Hitler to demonstrate to the world, how efficient the Nazi Germany was. It was also the perfect opportunity for the Nazis to prove to the world the reality of the Master Race. The Berlin Olympic Games gave the Nazis an opportunity to show off to the world as 49 countries were competing bringing with them their assorted media. For Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, it was the perfect scenario. The Nazi Germany team had been allowed to train fulltime thus pushing to the limit the idea of amateur competition. Germany’s athletic superstar of the time was Lutz Lang – a brilliant long jumper who easily fitted into the image of blond hair, blue eyed Aryan racial superiority. By far the most famous athlete in the world was Jesse Owens of America – an African American and therefore, under Nazi ideology, inferior to the athletes in the German team. Owens’s performance was to prove this ideology to be in itself inferior! The vast Olympic stadium was completed on time and held 100,000 spectators. 150 other new Olympic buildings were completed on time for the event. Souvenirs of what has sometimes become known as Hitler’s Olympics were produced in many forms and perhaps the most informative and attractive are this two volume set of albums. Volume 1 has 128 pages plus a large pull out coloured map and has over 170 tipped in plates in black and white and colour as well as numerous other coloured and back and white illustrations, diagrams etc. Its coverage is both the history of the games, '36 Winter Olympics plus many other in depth aspects of that year's games from timing equipment to the officials involved and so on and so forth. Volume 2 has 168 pages with just under 200 tipped in plates as well as other photos. Coverage is exhaustive - sailing, fencing, football, athletics, equestrian, boxing, wrestling etc etc. Both volumes are in good condition but please note that the bindings, although original, are bound in a different fashion and thus not exactly matching (by intent?). Also Volume 2 has been opened a little carelessly at some time, which has resulted in the binding pulling a little at the blank page preceding the title page - that said the whole is good and tight. Price includes insured postage to UK address - for overseas please enquire.

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1936 Berlin Olympic Games Albums