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A large, exotically embroidered panel of a peacock resting in a great tree with huge sparkling flowers and leaves, symbolic of the Tree of Life. The stitches are a mixture of silk threads, raised work, bead work and metal threads of silver and gold. The tail of the peacock is a spectacular work of art that shimmers over the bright pink background. Although the back ground colour is very bright the actual embroidery is of very subtle colours. The peacock is symbolic of royalty and this bird does indeed have a truly regal expression. There is an original paper label attached to the bottom right hand corner which notes that James A Ogilvy's Ltd of Montreal were selling this for the grand price of $125.00 back at the turn of the 20th Century. This is in good order and as bright and clean as it was when first for sale. Dimensions: 44" x 20"

44" x 20"

Price £135.00    €152.48    $168.59

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Exotic Peacock Panel  Silk & Silver & Gold Threads
This is a magnificent example of Plushwork from the mid 19th Century. Plushwork was one of the most popular embroidery techniques of the time, very closely related to Berlin woolwork. It is a way of introducing a three dimensional effect into any canvas work embroidery.Special plush wools were used in a loop stitch which, when cut and brushed up made the final effect like velvet. Exotic birds are often the theme of the embroidery and this one has been made into a cushion with original cotton backing in a botanical pattern. The expertise needed to grade the colours and the precise cutting needed to bring the whole effect into play can be recognised in this piece of Victorian embroidery. The plushwork of the cushion is in great order, the bead work at the base of the bird is a little loose. The background of beige stitching is slightly marked is places, but it is the plushwork that is so highly collectible.

18" x 18" x aprox 3" thickness of pad inside.

Price £225.00    €254.14    $280.98

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Mid 19th Century Plushwork Peacock Cushion
This is a panel of pale peach satin embroidered in silver thread of Turkish origin. The panel incorporates the skirt front, bodice front, collar and cuffs for an exotic early Victorian gown. This would be perfect to be used today as part of a wonderful Wedding Dress. the material is in good order with just a tiny mark and a half inch tear between a cuff and the skirt panel in the top right hand corner. This work was very popular in both America and England during Victoria's reign, though this would have been acquired pre Albert's death and never used.

42" x 20"

Price £220.00    €248.49    $274.74

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 Exotic Silver Thread Embroidered Dress Panels
A panel of red satin edged all round with Turkish embroidery ready for framing or for use as an exotic decoration placed on top of a chest of drawers or used as a table centre. This is a beautiful, unmarked and undamaged piece of antique silver thread embroidery. This type of embroidery was very popular in both America and England during the 1880s, based on Turkish designs of stylised plants and foliage. The Turks had access to the best silks, threads, fabrics and metal threads. At that time is was considered suitable decoration for furniture covers, sheets, picture frames, tidies and piano furniture. Dimensions are 42" x 24".

42" 20"

Price £125.00    €141.19    $156.10

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Turkish Embroidered Panel Silver Thread  Red Satin
Beautiful and well preserved Canton Shawl, black silk back ground embroidered with exotic birds and flowers. Size 54" x54" plus 24" crocheted edge with long silk tassels. There are no holes or tears and the colours are bright and clear with no fading. This came from a home near a large sea port so was probably brought home from Manilla where it was made by Cantonese workers, sewing both sides on a frame with the needle being passed through from one embroiderer to another. The shawls were made for both the English and Spanish market. Sold in Liberty's of London they graced many a society piano, where as in Spain they were worn by ladies, some times sitting sidesaddle behind their men, on horseback. The longer tasseled edges were made so that there was more "swing" when worn. To be worn the shawl is folded triangularly. There is a lovely weight to this shawl which just oozes quality. A fabulous item for collecting, wearing or decorating.

Price £450.00    €508.28    $561.96

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Embroidered Silk Canton Shawl Exotic Birds Flowers
Late 19th Century/early 20th century Petit Point (tent stitch) floral purse, with intricate metalwork frame and lapis clasp and decoration. This is a charming and intricate hand worked pattern of many stitches, (this stitch being a tiny diagonal stitch)the flowers blending into one another in very atmospheric manner. There are little flowers all along the frame and each link of the chain is ridged. The blue lapis stones add a distinctive finishing touch. Sadly, the interior of the purse, which is corded silk, has deteriorated badly.

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Antique Petit Point Purse with Chain & Lapiz Clasp
A pair of floss silk embroidered pictures, Oriental views, with Mount Fuji in the back ground. Both embroideries are worked in long stitch and each tree has its trunk and branches subtly coloured to show true perspective, the paths and drive ways wind off into the distance, the foregrounds framed with either branches or blossom. One picture would seem to epitomise Autumn and the other Spring/summer, using colours russets greens and pinks in all shades. Both pictures are in their original frames, dating most probably from the 1920s. Size, exterior of frame 16" x 8 1/4".

Price £85.00    €96.01    $106.15

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Pair Floss Silk Embroidered Oriental Views